Oral Communication

Speech for Beginners (SB)

"Speech for Beginners" aims to develop the speaking ability of five and six year old children. It emphasizes correct and proper speech habits. It also trains children how to carry themselves confidently before their peers.


For five and six years old only

Children's Speech & Personality Development (CSPD)

"Children's Speech & Personality Development" is recommended for an early development of a child's confident personality. Learning activities include individual, as well as group presentations of model poems, story excerpts, and drama pieces. As he enjoys these activities, the child develops a better control of and keener interest in the practice of basic English.


Interspersed with Written Communication
  • CSPD 1 -------------- Elementary Graders, 1 & 2
  • CSPD 2 -------------- Elementary Graders, 3 & 4
  • CSPD 3 -------------- Elementary Graders, 5, 6, & 7

Speech and Elocution for High School (SEHS)

"Speech and Elocution for High School" aims to develop a high school student's oral communication performance level in the classroom, on stage, and in his social world. Learning activities include speech improvement, voice, body and language control, intensified with the study, analysis, and interpretation and dramatization of selected speech materials. Students learn the art and joy of dynamic oral expression.


  • For 1st & 2nd Year High School Students

Public Speaking and Leadership Training (PSLT)

"Public Speaking and Leadership Training" is a dynamic high school course in the art of practical, here and now platform speaking and leadership training. Learning activities provide rich opportunities for impromptu speaking, extemporaneous and scripted speaking.


  • For 3rd & 4th Year High School Students Only

English Conversation Practice (ECP)

"English Conversation Practice" is similar in style to English Conversation Fluency (ECF). High school students are expected to participate in class discussions more actively. They are trained to speak their way to higher grades. It may be the shortest route to winning academic awards and preparing best for college.


  • ECP 1 -------------- 1st & 2nd Year High School Students
  • ECP 2 -------------- 3rd & 4th Year High School Students

English Conversation Fluency (ECF)

"English Conversation Fluency" aims to sharpen your day-to-day conversational skills and get the most out of it. It is a group dynamics-oriented course. Participants are trained to converse admirably in academic, social, or business encounters.


  • ECF 1 -------------- 1st & 2nd Year College Students
  • ECF 2 -------------- 3rd, 4th, & 5th Year College Students
  • ECF 3 -------------- Professionals

Intensive Pronunciation Course (IPC)

"Intensive Pronunciation Course" aims to get rid of the participant's regional accent. Through a highly personalized approach, this course provides varied and useful exercises in producing vowel and consonant sounds, English rhythm, stress and intonation patterns.


  • IPC 1 -------------- 3rd & 4th Year High School Students
  • IPC 2 -------------- College Students & Professionals

Oral Presentation Skills (OPS)

"Oral Presentation Skills" is an innovative course in self-confidence building and effective speaking. This course is recommended for active participation in discussions, meetings, and conferences. This also covers composing and delivering talks with ease and clarity.


  • OPS 1 -------------- 3rd, 4th, & 5th Year College Students
  • OPS 2 -------------- Professionals

Speech for Radio & Television Broadcast (SRTVB)

"Speech for Radio & Television Broadcast" is for those who are considering a career in broadcast communication, as distinguished from other forms of communication. It focuses on the art of converting ideas into programs for radio and television. The approach is experiential in terms of certain variables such as the nature of the audience, the nature of broadcast experience and the broadcaster as the verbal and visual medium for communication. Audition is required here.

For College Students 
Speech for the Classroom Teacher (SCT)

"Speech for the Classroom Teacher" is designed for those who want to teach with dynamic eloquence. This aims to show how ideas take powerful form when spoken with wisdom, conviction, goodwill, sincerity, enthusiasm, confidence and clarity. Participants acquire greater skills in interpersonal, verbal and non-verbal communication.

For Professionals

English for Foreigners (EF)

"English for Foreigners" is a course for foreigners who would like to learn English as a second language. Its target students are adults. The approach is conversational. Fluency in a language is a skill, and like any other skill, must be practiced often. The course provides rich opportunities for practice, practice and practice until the learner becomes comfortable with the language.

For Foreigners

American Accent Training (ACT)

"American Accent Training" is a performance course designed to fine-tune one's ability to speak and communicate in "standard" American English.

The general objective of the course is for the speaker to achieve a wide range of acceptability among native speakers of American English (via the modern communication technology). Whether it is for business, professional or personal gain, the intended effect is for the speaker to demonstrate a language skill that has a global reach.

The course covers simulated American conversation situations, common idiomatic expressions, speech clarity and smoothness, intonation patterns, voice personality, empathetic listening, logical thinking and reasoning, positive mental conditioning, affirmative energizers.